Golf Health: Tips to improve your game

The Importance of Stretching

Taking the extra 10-15 minutes to warm up each muscle group before you play can make the difference in your golf game.  Most of the time, a golf related injury is due to no pre-warm up.  Avoiding an injury that could take months to fully heal, is worth the short amount of time it takes to stretch and properly warm up before each round.  Here are a few simple pre-warm up stretches you can do on your own:

NOTE:  If you have any prior injuries, please proceed stretches with caution and do not preform if pain occurs.  ALWAYS REMEMBER:  Use your brain, never cause pain!


- Neck Stretch:

Bring the right ear toward the right shoulder.  Inhale as you press your left arm toward the ground, exhale and relax the left arm.  Repeat very slowly 5x, and gently return your head and neck to neutral.  Switch sides.

-Speed Trunk Rotation:

Start by getting into your golf address postion (as if you are hitting a golf ball).  Keep this position throughout the stretch by keeping your core muscles tight, and still remember to breathe.  Bring your arms to shoulder level, start the rotation by moving your entire upper body as one unit.  It is ok to feel or hear a few pops of the back.  Do not keep rotating if it becomes painful in any way.  After rotating to each side 5 times, proceed to the next stretch.

-Toe Touch:

Exhale as you slowly reach both hands down toward your toes.  There should be a feeling of your hamstrings stretching in the back side of your leg, this is normal.  It is not normal however to feel extreme pain.  Discomfort is ok to feel when you first begin stretching, and will improve in time and repetition.  Repeat 5x, holding each stretch for 15 seconds.  Remember to BREATHE.

-Standing Hip Stretch:

Begin by placing your hands on a golf club or chair for assistance with balance.  Place right ankle on the outside of the left knee.  Inhale as you bend your left knee, sitting back as if you are sitting on a chair.  Bring chest toward the shin.  Hold for 3 seconds and repeat 3x.  Switch sides.

-Shoulder Stretch w/ Club Behind Back:

Hold your golf club in each hand (right hand by the head of the club, and left hand at the grip).  Take the club above your head with both hands still on the club, as you bend the left elbow, start to bring the club behind your back.  The right hand and elbow will follow.  Repeat 5x, along with alternating which side you start with each time.



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