PGA Professional Raises Money For Arkansas PGA Junior Tour

"I thought the Randy Beaver Cup was a great place to try this with a group of professionals who are all trying to grow the game, a fantastic group of amateur golfers who are all playing for their love of the game, and I thought it was a win-win situation for all parties." 

Make sure to continue reading to see how and why PGA Professional, Jim Sykes, raised thousands of dollars for Junior Golf in Arkansas!

Question #1: 

What compelled you to begin this fundraising campaign? 

Answer #1:

The game of golf runs generations deep in my family! I am fortunate with the position that I have to be able to help impact the future of the game and nothing means more to me than helping get exposure to everyone.  Golf is a game for a lifetime, and even if someone were to try it at a young age, it is still something they may be able to come back to later in life too.


Question #2: 

How far was your outreach?

Answer #2:

People have made donations from all over.  I’ve had family, other PGA Professionals, members at Pleasant Valley Country Club, members at other facilities all contribute to such a great cause.  I have been blessed with all of the connections and friendships I have forged throughout my career thus far to help support endeavors like this.


Question #3: 

How was your campaign structured?

Answer #3:

My proposal was $10 for every birdie I made, $25 for every eagle I made, and $50 for every match that I won.  I had some people match those numbers, others adjusted those numbers to fit their scale, and some people just made a flat donation.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make as many birdies or win as many matches as I had hoped, but I think it was a great step in the right direction for the future of golf in Arkansas.


Question #4:

How much did you raise and what are the funds going to be used for?

Answer #4:

We were able to raise about $3,500 in all and all proceeds will go to the Arkansas PGA Junior Tour.  The goal for this initiative, and the Arkansas PGA Junior Tour is to grow the game in this state, and we are hoping that this will help take some of the financial burdens off some families as far as equipment or entry fees and allow them to gain exposure to the game.