Arkansas Amateur Championship

ASGA Covid-19 Competition Regulations


IMPORTANT: The ASGA will be utilizing unique practices to assist in social distancing, these include but are not limited to a single golf cart for each competitor that chooses to ride, no traditional scoreboard (scores online) and no traditional awards ceremony. Caddies will not be allowed during this year’s Championship and all spectators must walk (NO SPECTATOR CARTS). Local rules will be put into place to address bunker rakes, flagsticks, scoring, etc. That information will be available to competitors in advance to the competition. Please contact the ASGA with any additional questions.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to male, amateur golfers who are individual members of the ASGA.  The minimum age is 16 and non-residents are not eligible, except a person may live in Texarkana, Texas but MUST be a member of Texarkana C.C. and an individual member of the ASGA.  Eligibility questions should be addressed to Jay Fox, ASGA Executive Director prior to entry: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 501-455-2742.

HANDICAP INDEX/DEADLINE: Amateur division - minimum age 16 with 8.0 or less; Mid-Senior – 36 and older with 8.0 or less; Senior – 51 & older with 12.0 or less; Super-Senior – 61 & older & Masters – 70 & older with 16.0 or less.  The entry deadline is June 19th or until the field is full.  Based on number of entries, could be a minimum of six players imposed to have that particular division.

TEE MARKERS:  Amateurs (16 & older) will play the GOLD tees, or approximately 6,700 yards.  Mid-Seniors (36 & older) and Seniors (51 & older) will play the BLUE tees, or approximately 6,400 yards.  Super-Seniors (61 & older) and Masters Division (70 & older) will play the GREEN tees, or approximately 5,900 yards – ALL PLAY WILL BE ON THE HISTORIC ARLINGTON COURSE.

ENTRY FEE: $250 per player includes 1 SEAT ON A CART for all three tournament rounds, OR IF A PLAYER WANTS TO WALK – THE ENTRY FEE IS $175 – IF “WALKING” IS YOUR CHOICE, IT MIGHT NOT BE POSSIBLE TO CHANGE BECAUSE OF CART AVAILABILITY.  PLEASE CHECK APPROPRATE BOX ON FRONT and mail the correct entry fee.  On-line entrants at charged additional $10. 

SCHEDULE OF PLAY: 18 holes on Friday, June 26 and Saturday, June 27, the field will be split with all divisions except amateur on Friday approximately 8:00-11:00 am and Amateurs playing on Friday from approximately 12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. On Saturday, the order will be reversed (Amateurs in morning wave/other divisions in afternoon wave – each wave limited to 60 players).  The field is cut approximately in half for final round, June 28, in all five divisions.  In the event of inclement weather, the ASGA reserves the right to reduce this championship to 36 holes, with a cut after one round.    

PRACTICE ROUND: Available the week of competition for a $50.00 fee, other than the week of the championship, the fee is $75.00. Please contact Hot Springs Country Club to arrange a practice round.

TROPHIES/CERTIFICATES: The winner and runner-up in each division will receive individual trophies and the state amateur champion will be engraved on the E.B. Gee Trophy. Ties for 1st settled by playoff – all others split.  HSCC Pro Shop Gift Certificates will be awarded to the low finishers in each division. There will be no traditional awards ceremony due to social distancing and Covid-19.


Player Points Position
Matthew Cole 300.00 1
Corey Durham 300.00 1
Gordy McKeown 300.00 1
Bob Brooks 300.00 1
John Mayes 300.00 1
Luke Long 175.00 2
Craig Hall 175.00 2
Fred Stamey 175.00 2
Bill Wrentz 175.00 2
Matthew Dura 162.50 2
Stan Payne 162.50 2
Scott Smith 150.00 3
Mark Bradshaw 150.00 3
Phil Belt 150.00 3
Palmer McSpadden 137.50 3
Josh McNulty 137.50 3
Chris Viala 125.00 4
Bobby Baker 125.00 4
Cal Campbell 125.00 4
David Lawrence 125.00 4
Andrew Sanders 100.00 5
Ronnie Johnson 100.00 5
Sam McAllister 100.00 5
Ron Whittaker 95.00 5
Logan Stephens 95.00 5
Bev Hargraves 95.00 5
Barry Davis 95.00 5
Trey Schaap 90.00 6
Brett Jones 90.00 6
Ralph Williams 90.00 6
Brett Lukas 80.00 7
Tom Weathers 80.00 7
John Tetens 75.00 7
William Clark 75.00 7
Jim Balch 70.00 8
Grayson Martin 65.00 7
Thomas Curry 65.00 7
Tyler Reynolds 65.00 7
Connor Gaunt 65.00 7
David Shirey 60.00 9
Luke Cornett 35.00 11
Chris Jenkins 35.00 11
Wil Griffin 20.00 13
Nick Zimmerman 6.00 14
Hank Crain 6.00 14
Denver Davis 6.00 14
Miles Smith 6.00 14
Wil Gibson 6.00 14