ASGA Junior Match Play

2019 Arkansas Junior Match Play Brackets




Entries are open to male & female golfers who will not reach their 19th birthday by midnight, July 22, 2018 or have not attended college and who are bonafide residents of the State of Arkansas, and upon approval by the ASGA, non-residents whose home course is located in Arkansas. All participants must be ASGA Junior members. Field limited to 100 boys or girls.

Entry Fee

The entry fee of $75.00 includes Championship golf, range balls, a meal on Monday, July 23rd , and registration item and complimentary drinks and snacks available for competitors.


Entry deadline 4:00 p.m., Friday, July 15, 2019 or whenever field limit is reached.

Practice Round

One complimentary practice round will be available. Contact Eagle Hill G&AC to arrange your practice round time – (501)-455-8848

Type of Play

Tuesday, July 23th – 8:30 a.m. BOYS & GIRLS; shotgun qualifying, Boys for 64-man bracket, Girls for 32- women bracket. If there is less than a full field, byes will be awarded to the top finishers in the qualifying round.

Defending Champion, Mackenzie Lee is exempt from Qualifying and are guaranteed the 1st seed in the Girls bracket. Defending Boys Champion, Connor Gaunt, does not meet the age eligibility for 2019. 

Wednesday, July 24th – BOY’S & GIRL’S; 1st round matches in a.m., tee times starting at 8:30 a.m., second round matches in p.m.

Thursday, July 25th – BOY’S 3rd round matches in a.m., Quarter-Finals in p.m. – GIRL’S Quarter-Finals in a.m. and Semifinals in p.m.

Friday, July 26th – BOY’S Semifinals in a.m., Championship match in p.m. GIRL’s Championship in a.m. 2019 Match Play Schedule is based on a Boy’s 64 Player field and a Girl’s 32 Player field. The ASGA reserves the right to adjust the schedule accordingly.


Will be allowed beginning with Quarter-Finals – cannot be mother, father or guardian of player.

Trophies and Awards

Medalist for both BOYS & GIRLS receives a trophy; Girls Champion receives custody of Mary Perrin Trophy for ensuing year and individual trophy. Runner-up also receives a trophy. Boys Champion receives custody of Fred Gordy Trophy for ensuing year and individual trophy. Runner-up also receives a trophy.

Spectator Carts

Spectator Carts will be available for rent through Eagle Hill G&AC. Carts will be rented on a first come first served basis


Player Points Position
MacKenzie Lee 250.00 1
Blaine Calhoon 250.00 1
Bailey Dunstan 175.00 2
Connor Gaunt 175.00 2
Josie Roberson 125.00 3
Kinslee Miller 125.00 3
Palmer McSpadden 125.00 3
Ben Brogdon 125.00 3
Abby Lea Huett 80.00 5
Madison Holmes 80.00 5
Meghan Lindsey 80.00 5
Lauren Loeb 80.00 5
Wil Griffin 80.00 5
Thomas Curry 80.00 5
Brendan Little 80.00 5
Logan Stephens 80.00 5
Brooklyn Worley 50.00 9
Maggie Huett 50.00 9
Grace Kilcrease 50.00 9
Isabel Chaidez 50.00 9
Thea Norcross 50.00 9
Emmerson Doyle 50.00 9
Lauren Pleiman 50.00 9
Anna Kate Nichols 50.00 9
Jackson May 50.00 9
Connor Harrington 50.00 9
Hunter Jowers 50.00 9
Max Gardner 50.00 9
Corbin Beard 50.00 9
Cade Riggan 50.00 9
Dalton McGinnis 50.00 9
Jonathan Sanchez 50.00 9