ASGA Men's Match Play Championship

2019 Arkansas Men's Match Play Starting Times & Brackets



These championships are open to male amateur golfers who are bona fide residents of the state of Arkansas and a current individual member of ASGA. There are 5 divisions – amateur for 16 and older, mid-senior for 37 and older, senior for 52 and older, super-senior for 62 and older and masters for 70 and older (new 2018). Amateurs and mid-senior are required to have a USGA handicap index of 8.0 or less and must meet the age requirement by August 1, 2019. Seniors, super-seniors and masters are required to have a USGA handicap index 14.0 or less & must meet the age requirement by August 1, 2019.


Contestants in all divisions (unless exempt from qualifying) will play 18 holes on Thursday, August 1st at Rebsamen Golf Course to determine the bracket. The stipulated round is two 9-hole rounds and based on inclement weather, the brackets could be determined based on a 9-hole score.


Amateur division will be 32 players (48 or more entrants, bracket is 64). The Mid-Senior AND Senior division will each be 16 players (24 or more entrants, bracket is 32). The Super-Senior Division AND Masters Division will each be an 8-man bracket (12 or more entrants, bracket is 16). If there are more spots than players, the low qualifiers (could be exempt players) will receive a first round bye.

Additional Exemptions in 2019, in addition to the Defending Champion in each division:

  • 8–man bracket: Points leader in respective player of the year* & state am champ in that division
  • 16-man bracket: Top 3 in respective player of the year* & state am champ in that division
  • 32-man bracket: Top 6 in player of the year race* & state am champ in that division
  • 64-man bracket: Top 12 in player of the year race* & state am champ in that division

These additional exemptions were designed to be a reward to the players that earn them – exemptions in the player of the year* standings as determined on July 23rd. Exempt players, defending champions or as outlined above, must still register by the entry deadline or forfeit their spot in the championship.


Thursday, August 1 – Qualifying round (defending champions exempt from qualifying & #1 seed in their respective division – Miles Smith, Trey Schaap, Tracy Harris, Glen Talbert & Sam McAllister.

Friday, August 2 – First round in a.m. for all divisions & amateur division only plays second round in p.m. (Mid-Senior, Senior, Super-Senior & Masters will play only 1 match on Friday unless bracket size dictates otherwise). Starting times on the scoreboard bracket, online & emailed to players.

Saturday, August 3 – All divisions will play a match in a.m. & p.m., except if super-senior bracket and masters bracket is only an 8 person bracket they will play one match Saturday. Sunday, August 4 – All divisions will play their final match in the morning, except amateurs will play semis in the a.m. and finals in the p.m. (if the bracket is not 64, amateur finals will be in the a.m.)


Rebsamen G.C. will be open for a practice round on Wednesday, July 31 or another time with approval of the golf shop. Players must make a tee time reservation (501-666-7965) & pay $25 cart fee.

NOTE: the USGA Senior Amateur & Women’s Senior Amateur Qualifying (both 18 holes) will be held Friday morning at Rebsamen. Practice round tee times available after last USGA starting time.


The entry fee of $150 includes carts and range balls for the qualifying round and all match play rounds. The entry fee must accompany the application. The deadline for all entries to reach the ASGA office is Thursday, July 25 or until field is full. You may also enter online with a major credit card or you may print the entry form and mail it to ASGA, P.O. Box 30250, Little Rock, AR 72260. Inquiries please call 1-800-984-ASGA (2742) or 501-455-ASGA (2742).


The amateur champion receive custody of the prestigious Roy Wood Trophy for one year. The winner and runner-up in all divisions will receive individual trophies. Pro Shop Certificates will be awarded based on field size in all divisions. Prize breakdown posted on scoreboard.


Player Points Position
Sam McAllister 300.00 1
Dill Gunn 300.00 1
Stan Lee 300.00 1
Trey Schaap 300.00 1
Wes McNulty 300.00 1
Douglas Schumacher 175.00 2
Glen Talbert 175.00 2
Gordy McKeown 175.00 2
Trey McIntosh 175.00 2
Ben Davis 175.00 2
Charlie Angel 125.00 3
David Lawrence 125.00 3
Keith Browning 125.00 3
Cal Campbell 125.00 3
Tracy Harris 125.00 3
Bob Baker 125.00 3
Kyle Thompson 125.00 3
Robert Neighbors 125.00 3
Mitchell Ford 125.00 3
Tyler Reynolds 125.00 3
Steve Buford 80.00 5
Fred Roberson 80.00 5
Mark Brugner 80.00 5
Jim Smith 80.00 5
Bill Wrentz 80.00 5
Greg Connell 80.00 5
Bev Hargraves 80.00 5
Scott Smith 80.00 5
Ronnie Johnson 80.00 5
John McConnell 80.00 5
Brett Lukas 80.00 5
Matthew Dura 80.00 5
Jamie Barker 80.00 5
Colton Ryan 80.00 5
Chris Jenkins 80.00 5
Wil Gibson 80.00 5
Grayson Martin 80.00 5
Gene Davis 50.00 9
Kirby Webb 50.00 9
John Tetens 50.00 9
Adam Wells 50.00 9
Jeff Gable 50.00 9
Brandon Ragsdale 50.00 9
Luke Cornett 50.00 9
Stafford Gray 50.00 9
Garrett Davis 50.00 9
Beau Glover 50.00 9
Wes Zwiegers 50.00 9
Ryan Spurlock 50.00 9