ASGA Assistance Fund

The ASGA Assistance Fund is a need-based program created by the Arkansas State Golf Association to help provide golfers in Arkansas with temporary financial aid directly related to competition.

The ASGA Assistance Fund was designed to help golfers in Arkansas alleviate the financial burden of expenses directly related to competition, whether in Arkansas, regionally, or nationally. The program has limited funds to provide this help so each applicant will be required to complete an application describing his or her family information and need.

Upon receipt of this application the ASGA Assistance Fund Committee will review the information and make a determination on whether to approve the application. If approved, the amount of the financial aid and the timeframe in which this aid will be provided will be included in the response from the ASGA Assistance Fund Committee.

Completed applications should be mailed to the Arkansas State Golf Association at P.O Box 30250, Little Rock, AR 72260.

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