Our Women's Golf Month Spotlight

The ASGA has selected to highlight former ASGA Junior Golfer, Gracen Blount, for the national holiday that is Women's Golf Day. This Hot Springs native was a former ASGA junior golfer and is currently continuing her passion for golf at a collegiate level at Henderson State University!

Women’s Golf Day is a collaborative effort by a dedicated team, golf management companies, retailers, and golf organizations and governing bodies all working together to Engage, Empower and Support girls and women through golf. Since 2016, WGD has been engaging participants from around the globe irrespective of race, religion, language, ethnicity, or geography and continues to see increase year after year. WGD encourages each location to have a charitable component. WGD has a global impact from collective grass roots local events.

As her time in the ASGA junior program concluded, Blount went to Henderson State University in Arkadelphia. She graduated in May 2022 with a degree in Business Management. She plans on getting her master’s at Henderson State University while continuing to play for the golf team. When asked about her journey with her golf career “It has been a grind, it’s been long hours where I was keeping my head down just hitting golf balls over and over.” 


When asked about the most important lesson that golf has taught her, Blount said “Sometimes you’ll lose a tournament or have a bad round of golf, or do something considered “failing”, it is only a failure if you don’t learn from it and use it to your advantage in the future.” She mentioned that she has been applying this to her personal life. 


When did you first get involved in golf and what made you start playing?


My whole life I loved competing, but when I was fifteen, I decided I wanted to focus on golf instead of the other sports I was participating in because I wanted to achieve a college career in golf. 


What has your journey in golf looked like?


 My journey has been quite a grind. It has been a lot of putting my head down, hitting a lot of golf balls, and practicing a lot of hours that a lot of people don’t see. From the outside it has looked hard, but I have enjoyed it. I love the sport and I enjoy at getting better, so it is worth it to me.”


Any advice you would like to give to women wanting to play a college sport, like golf?

“There have been so many strides taken in women’s sports, the best advice I would give is that the athletes and role models that you look up to that are successful in any sport, that can be YOU. You can work hard and do all the things that they did to get where they are.” 


What has been the most important lesson you have learned from golf?


“The most important I have learned is that if you play bad or lose a tournament, or do something that is considered “failing”, it is only a failure if you don’t learn from it and use it as an advantage in the future. This can be applicable for any part of life. It really teaches you that you can get through anything in life. It is only a failure if you don’t take advantage and get the good out of it. “

What was the highlight of your past season?


“My highlight from this past season would be getting my consideration letter for the Arnold Palmer Cup. It was completely unexpected and has been the highest honor that I have received as a golfer in my career. I started late compared to other collegiate golfer and I have always felt like an underdog, getting this letter meant that my scores and my hard work were being recognized that I didn’t realize were watching me. It came as a total surprise, and it was the highlight of my past season because it was so special to me. This was a turning point for me because as I said I was always felt like the underdog, and this showed that I have been putting in the work and making the correct decisions for my career.”

What has been your favorite memory since playing for Henderson?


“My favorite memory would be conference last year when we went into a team playoff. It was insane the odds that after four scores and three rounds being dead tied with Arkansas Tech University. I had never heard of a team playoff and then we went into a team playoff against Arkansas Tech University. Henderson State University ended up winning the playoff. It was intense and my adrenaline was pumping, this reminded me of why I love competing, that when I feel the best.”

What do you plan on doing next after you finish your extra year? 

I want to pursue a professional career, so I finish with school this year and then I’ll be pursuing my master’s and I’ll keep studying while trying to play in Q school getting my status from there. I want to keep playing golf and see where we go from there”